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Bus Drivers are one of Dashie's most well-known enemies on his gaming channel. The enemy is linked to 'Grand Theft Auto 5' one of Dashie's most popular series. It spiralled on from there, leading Dashie to kill public transport drivers or anyone carrying a public service. Dashie killed a postman once in Grand Theft Auto 5, stating: "Post guys can get it to!"

History Edit

On Thanksgiving 2013, (November 28th, 2013) Dashie uploaded a video for his Grand Theft Auto 5 series, called: 'EXPLOSIONS! GTAV MADNESS!'. Playing as Franklin, Dashie got the player in his default car and started to drive around, making jokes about Thanksgiving. At about 50 seconds into the video, Dashie purposely crashed into a tram driver for no apparent reason. (He mistook bus drivers for tram drivers later on, but still kills them anyway.) Wondering if he could hijack it, Dashie parked in front of it, predicting correctly that it would stop. He tried to hijack it, before realising he couldn't, getting his pistol out and trying to shoot the driver. After the driver ran him over, Dashie tried to kill him, getting his car destroyed in the process. He tried again before getting killed.

In the next Grand Theft Auto 5 episode, 'BUS DRIVER REVENGE! GTA 5' (uploaded December 4th, 2013) Dashie was getting chased by cops as Trevor before crashing into a bus driver. Forgetting it was a tram driver that killed him, he said "Oh, a bus driver. Oh, you remember from the last episode? Yalll remmmber from the last one? These motherfuckers are no joke." After a failed attempt to kill him, Dashie got killed by the cops and walked out of hospital around the 20:30 mark. As soon as he did so, he bumps into an orange bus. To his surprise, he states: "Oh, look at that! Look at that!" pulling out his assault riflem firing almost a whole round before getting run over by the driver. "Oh my god, he is running me the fuck over." Dashie said. The orange bus got away but Dashie managed to kill one passenger. He eventually killed a bus driver of a cherry red bus using a sniper rifle. He evntuallyy listened to the Comments and killed a tram driver in a later episode uploaded on December 27th, 2013 called 'WALKING ON WATER!? O_O GTA 5 [MADNESS]' because people kept telling him it was a tram driver and not a bus driver. He successfully killed him with an assault rifle with Trevor's special abilities on, stating: "Revenge is so damn sweet!". He then proceded to kill everyone doing public services in each episode from there. (E.G: Attack-A-Taco Drivers, Truck Drivers, Postmen).